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Upcycling and street style

4 Mar Commonwealth Games upcycled bags photoshoot

My final 24 hours in Delhi proved quite busy. We were lucky to have a travelling American artist/photographer, Joey Edwards, join us for our last street shoot.

Joey had volunteered with Conserve India a few years ago and was dropping in to the office to say hi. We, of course, jumped at the chance to have an extra photographer for our planned photoshoot at Delhi’s Connaught Place shopping centre.

And here are the citizens of Delhi who graciously stopped to model our bags. Amazingly, these lovely ladies knew about the project because they’d read about it in the papersCommonwealth Games upcycled bags photoshoot

…and we thought our next model, Sujay, looked far more stylish than the United Colours of Bennetton mannequins we snapped him in front of (especially their hair arrangements…or lack thereof).

Commonwealth Games upcycled bags photoshoot 2

Commonwealth Games upcycled bags photoshoot 3

…We loved how Sumit’s dark clothing highlighted the bright colours of our Games messenger bag…

Commonwealth Games upcycled bags photoshoot 4

…and, finally, the very obliging Anyad and Mrinali, lending us their unique looks for this photo…

Commonwealth Games upcycled bags photoshoot 5

What was great about the shoot was that people got the idea quickly; they understood what we were trying to do.

We were overjoyed with their show of support (and the photos – thanks Joey and Jenna!)…

…like Shammi Kapoor (the ‘Elvis of Bollywood’) on seeing his true love…

…or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan mid-flight in song…



Home sweet home, Delhi style

27 Feb

I was lucky to find a fantastic apartment – and housemate – for my three month stay in Delhi. I had my own attached bathroom, shared living area and a large spacious bedroom that essentially doubled as my office.

Liz's office South Delhi

My home 'office' in South Delhi

Note to all former SV colleagues: yes this is the metal name plaque from my old work desk. I figured no-one else was going to use if after I left…I’m not that replaceable!

my bedroom cum office

desk and mind mapping

Creative mind mapping of the Conserve Delhi 2010 project blog - old packing string, 3M post-it notes and a banyan leaf.

I can’t emphasise the importance of having your own comfortable space in a hectic city like Delhi. I used the accommodation pages of Craig’s List and double checked listings on Trip Advisor to find my apartment.

Social enterprise: business with benefits

22 Feb Jenna and the new mobile medical clinic van

So I was procrastinating for some time today, on one of the most amusing blogs I’ve stumbled onto in a while: Why make this? Why indeed.

The moral of the story? Laughing until there’s tears is actually a good way to bring on motivation.  And with that, it’s back to Serious Land…

Following on from our Interview with Anita Ahuja last week, here’s a few images showcasing the social services currently provided by Conserve India.

Many of the Conserve’s production teams (known as fabricators) are based in small workshops around Delhi.

Conserve recently began providing free health services for these workers and I joined them to document an eye clinic held at one of the East Delhi workshops.

The first step was to capture relevant health details such as age, weight and current medical issues…

Conserve India health clinic doctor

Conserve's doctors collect and record patient details

Conserve India health clinic

…Then staff were guided through an eye test.

The doctors get around language and reading challenges by simply asking staff to tell them which way the symbol is facing (on the far right chart)…

Conserve India health clinic eye check chart

Then the eyes are thoroughly examined and…

…prescriptions and treatment advices are given if needed.

Conserve India health clinic eye check  prescription

Conserve is also working with ragpicker communities living in Delhi’s slums, providing mobile health services and…

Jenna and the new mobile medical clinic van

Jenna and the new mobile medical clinic van

…a school for around 200 children.

Conserve India's school project

Conserve India's school project. Image courtesy of Jenna and Christina.

Jenna and Christina at the Conserve India school

Image courtesy of Jenna and Christina

More soon,


Notes on the ‘hood

7 Feb

Hello again, dear readers. I spent the morning working out how many posts I need to do before finishing up this project blog (Sunday 6 March is my deadline). While it’s not directly related to the project outcomes, today’s post is for anyone interested in living and volunteering/working in Delhi. Here’s a couple of useful sites if you need to find your own accommodation, or just want to do a bit of research about Delhi and India before heading over:

Using resources such as these, I was fortunate to find a great flat (and flatmate) in a lovely part of South Delhi – Kailash Colony.

Why was it good?

It was incredibly close to a brand new Metro stop (Kailash Colony). As a female on the road a lot for work, Delhi’s metro system was a real blessing – clean, comfortable and secure…
Riding the delhi metro

Delhi metro ladies only

Plenty of seats for all 'the ladies' on the Delhi Metro

…My local ‘hood had a great, laid-back market place, with shops arranged in a horseshoe around a small green park…

Kailash Colony market at Diwali

Kailash Colony market glammed up for Diwali Festival

Kailash Colony market park

Little kids (and big ones) hanging out in the Kailash Colony market park

… a welcoming temple built around an old Banyan tree…

Kailash Colony market temple

Kailash Colony market temple around banyan tree

…and a peaceful yoga sanctuary just around the corner.

…You could find a lot of familiar goods at the well stocked shops…

Star Bazaar Kailash Colony market

Everything a girl could want...and in the right order too

…and plenty of restaurants to explore Indian cuisine…

channa masala at Annuparma's

Fructose friendly (no onion) channa masala meal at Anupama's restaurant, Kailash Colony Market

…And then there was this store, which took me a little while to get my head around…

Republic of Chicken

No way. It's a chicken revolution!


Republic of Chicken Staff

...No way it's a chicken revolution.

Zen quote

Image courtesy of David Schiller's Zen Page-A-Day 2010 Calendar

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