The Conserve Delhi 2010 Project aims to:

  • create new valuable products out of Commonwealth Games waste – establishing Delhi 2010 as the first Games to upcycle event waste
  • enhance Conserve India’s capacity to improve the wellbeing of Delhi’s poorest communities by selling more of their upcycled products
  • raise public awareness of waste issues and the benefits of upcycling, particularly  at major events.

Why this project? Why now?

Around the world there is an increasing need to address the environmental impacts of human consumption.

Upcycling organisations across the globe are responding to this challenge.

Major sporting events are a powerful platform for demonstrating sustainability initiatives to an international audience.

The 2010 Games will be the first Commonwealth Games to be held in South Asia and wants to be a Green Games.

Who’s behind this project?

In 2007, Australian sustainability professional, Liz Franzmann, was introduced to Anita and Shalabh Ahuja from Conserve India while lecturing on sustainable events at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. During their conversation a seed of an idea was born: could they promote upcycling by making special products out of Commonwealth Games waste? Although they all went back to their respective lives in Delhi and Melbourne, they remained in contact and the idea stayed with them. In 2010, Liz successfully applied for an Australian Government Endeavour Award to help Conserve India turn the idea into a reality.

Will they successfully capture Games waste? Will they make useful products out of this waste? Will anybody buy them? Watch this site for updates as the project unfolds and…let the Games begin!

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