KeepCup goes to India

13 Feb

Ok, this is a little tangental, but it relates to life in my local Delhi neighbourhood. Right at the beginning of this journey, I published a spider diagram on some of the core personal things I wanted to work on throughout the project. One of them was getting off caffeine for a while………well. Um.

That didn’t quite happen.

But I did manage to substitute a coffee habit for a serious chai addiction. All that sweet, milky, tannin goodness on every street corner was just too good to pass up.

What wasn’t so great were the huge numbers of plastic chai cups piled up, and often burnt, in my very same ‘hood…

chai trash

…fortunately, I discovered my well-used KeepCup along with a number of other surprise items in my luggage (let’s just say red wine and running late make for pretty random packing).



KeepCup in bike holder. Image courtesy of blog

I decided, in order to keep up my chai habit, I’d need to let go of the throwaway plastic.

chai boy uses keep cup

The art of tea: 'tis a serious business

So, with a lot of gesturing and a few quizzical looks from the locals, it was warm cups of tea almost every morning for the autorickshaw ride to work.

KeepCup full of chai

The KeepCup without lid and full of yum chai

P.S. A friend of mine once griped about how annoying it was only having disposable plastic cups when he wanted to have a drink at football matches in Melbourne.

We reckon it’s a blindingly good opportunity for KeepCup. Think about it: a reusable cup you can get custom made in your own team colours. What’s not to like?

P.S. I am in no way connected to KeepCup, I just like the product. And by the looks of their rapid global expansion others do to. First the world, then the MCG?



One Response to “KeepCup goes to India”

  1. shilpa June 10, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    are these available in Mumbai/india??

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