The most beautiful moment

21 Dec

I have a little confession to make – I’ve been back in Australia for over two weeks now, catching up with family and friends. Which partly explains why I’ve taken so long in between posts (the other part is limited access to internet). And I’m about to spend Christmas at my family farm in Queensland where there’s no internet!

So the team at Conserve India and I have agreed to extend the blog until February next year.

I’m looking forward to showing you the images of our final Commonwealth Games products and some of the fantastic models we found in Delhi on my last night in town. 

There’s also quite a few other things I’d like to post  in order to fully complete the project blog (I’m still wading through all my photos and writing up my final report).

But until then, I wanted to leave you with this short, captivating trailer from a film I can’t wait to see. It’s called Wasteland and it’s doing the festival circuits at the moment, picking up lots of awards.

I came across it earlier this year and, although it’s a South American story, it formed the final inspirational moment behind my decision to quit my job and travel to Delhi.

I keep thinking about the old woman, from one of the scenes, as she cooks her dinner right in the middle of the world’s largest garbage dump. And how she says she feels good there…

So dear readers, as the western calendar year draws to a close, I hope this post finds you feeling good…whereever you may be.

‘The moment one thing turns into another is the most beautiful moment. That moment is really magical.’  Vik Muniz, Wasteland


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