From banners to schools

6 Dec

“Um, so Dave what kind of vehicle will we need to pick up the banner?” We hadn’t really nutted out the logistics of collecting a 20m x 20m, 170kg piece of mesh PVC.

So, taking an educated guess and with fingers well crossed, we borrowed a Conserve India work car and arrived to find ICON’s British riggers resting on the already neatly folded banner. (We were too late to watch them repelling down the side of the building – dang! These guys were professionals – travelling straight from the airport, harnessing up and getting the job done within half an hour. Jet lag? Meh, what jet lag?)

Folding the Aviva banner

ICON's riggers folding the You are the Big Picture banner at Statesman House, Delhi

Transporting the Aviva banner

Loading up the banner haul at Statesman House, Delhi

collecting unexpected materials from Aviva

Don't know what to do with your carabeenas? We'll take 'em!

And here’s what we plan to make with the banner…

Stationery samples made from Commonwealth Games waste

Closing the loop with stationery samples made from Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games waste materials

Pencil case made from Delhi Commonwealth Games waste

Pencil case upcycled from Delhi Commonwealth Games waste

The diligent team in Conserve’s sampling unit whipped up these school products so we could convince Aviva to upcycle with us.

As I mentioned yesterday, Aviva is funding education programs around the world focussing on supporting street children with schooling or training opportunities. In India, Aviva’s main ‘Street to School’ partners are Save the Children and CRY. So we figured why not make products that Aviva can take back and use in these initiatives?

Material reaching the end of it’s first life, reincarnated and sold as products for those most in need: closing the loop with a little dash of soul.

But it’s not over yet, dear readers, this partnership with Aviva was a small, unexpected outcome emerging from our Games project.

There’s still a lot of Commonwealth Games waste material we’re trying to create products with. Stay with us as our upcycling adventure continues to unfold…


2 Responses to “From banners to schools”

  1. Nic December 9, 2010 at 7:18 pm #

    Hey Liz! I came across this website via another blog today, and thought you might be interested (if you haven’t already seen it):

  2. Liz Franzmann December 10, 2010 at 11:46 am #

    No i hadn’t come across these guys, thanks Nic. I had stumbled across Alchemy Goods in Seattle, USA and of course there’s Haul in my hometown, Melbourne.

    Anyone have other billboard upcyclers from around the world they’d like to add?

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