Hands-on upcycling

10 Nov

With so much talk of upcycling by hand in this morning’s post, we thought we’d show you how Conserve India does it. Remember our photoshoot with freelance photographer, Jake Murphy, during the Commonwealth Games?

While he was with us, we asked him to capture some images of Conserve India staff in action at the East Delhi workshop. There were so many good shots we’ve broken them up into different posts charting the various aspects of Conserve’s production process, starting with:

preparing the base materials…

Conserve India production - cleaning tyre tubes

…to developing workable designs…

Conserve India production - design consultation

…then creating product samples…

Conserve India production - threading machine

…with precision…

Conserve India production - precision sewing


Conserve India production - sampling cushion covers

…and concentration.

Conserve India production - sampling

Once designs and samples are created, orders are taken and the full production process gets underway. We’ll post more photos on the workshop soon.

But before we do, I’m excited to tell you we have another special guest to showcase in our project Q&A series. She’s Australian, living abroad and one of the top design bloggers in the world (Can you guess who?)

We were pretty chuffed she made time to contribute to our little project. Looking forward to sharing her thoughts with you tomorrow.


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