‘Where it’s at…

20 Oct

…I got two turntables and a microphone.

There’s a destination a little up the road

from the habitations and the towns we know.’

Beck: flushed and sweaty, looking for trash on a hot, flat highway.

We know how he feels. Tomorrow I’m heading out to Noida to check out what might be the strongest lead yet in our race to catch Games waste. Fingers crossed, people. Fingers. Crossed.

Noida is almost a satellite city mushrooming with outsourcing centres, automobile manufacturing and a media hub on the South-Eastern fringe of Delhi (it’s really quite a bit more than ‘a little up the road’).

And beyond it lies Greater Noida – a similarly industrial ‘city of the future’ – and also where it’s at for the Conserve India office team. They’ve been showcasing Conserve’s products at Asia’s largest handicraft and giftware tradeshow.

Trust me – it’s huge.

Conserve India Handicraft Fair Invite2010 Conserve India Handicraft Fair Invite

‘Bottles and cans and just clap your hands…’


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