Closing ceremony exclusive…

16 Oct

As those of you on facebook and twitter will recall, we did promise you some exclusive footage taken during the Delhi 2010 Closing Ceremony…and here it is!

Yep, my housemate, Ekta, and I watched it on TV. But we did hear the fireworks going off from our flat. Ekta was lucky to receive two guest passes to the Games through her work.

So we sent Christina and Jenna along as a bit of a thumbs up for all the hard work they’ve put in as interns for Conserve India. There was one condition – they had to take photos, lots of photos.

Here are just a few we thought we’d share…

Aerostat at the Delhi 2010 Closing Ceremony

Aerostat balloon lit up at the Delhi 2010 Closing Ceremony

Christina at the Delhi 2010 Closing Ceremony

Christina at the world's largest blue light disco

Jenna at the Delhi 2010 Closing Ceremony

Jenna shows us what she thinks of the Delhi 2010 Closing Ceremony

…but the real highlight of the Games for us was watching the amazing Indian women’s 4×400 metre relay win last Tuesday night…

Indian 4x400m gold medallists

Indian Women's 4x400m gold medallists

We captured the last lap on video – the crowd was deafening…

As Jenna (in true Californian style) said, ‘Man, that was tight!’

Our neighbour, Rahul thought so too, even offering to model our messenger bag for us in the spirit of celebration…

Rahul with Gold messenger bag at Games Athletics

Rahul shows off the Gold messenger bag in the Athletics crowd

Most definitely a stand out memory from these Games.

Will we pull off an upcycling win like India’s relay runners?

We’re winding our way through a mad maze of meetings, phone calls and Hindi hold music to do just that. Stay tuned, dear readers, the Games ain’t over yet…


3 Responses to “Closing ceremony exclusive…”

  1. Chrissie October 20, 2010 at 8:05 am #

    Love the video footage of the relay win -gave me goosebumps!! What a fantastic environment for the athletes. Liz, trying to find a link to a restaurant who use upcycled products for serving dishes for you to check out(saw it on Ironchef Aust -I know sad but absolutely loved the product! They use the tops of used gas containers for serving bowls – very cool!. Take care.xo

  2. Chrissie October 20, 2010 at 8:35 am #

    Found the site I was talking about above: The restaurant is Greenhouse in Perth- looks very cool!

    Maybe infiltrating the hospitality industry may be the next step on your web! xoxo

    • Liz Franzmann November 11, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

      Cool! I went to the Greenhouse when it was in Melbourne’s Federation Square. It’s great they found a permanent home for the concept. There’s another event organiser I had the pleasure of working with in Melbourne, who created a sustainable restaurant even before the Greenhouse.

      Cilla from Collaborate staged Eat, Green Design in Melbourne and then took it to Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum in 2009. Looks like there might be upcycled restaurants popping up all over the place…

      Thanks for tracking down the link Chrissie.
      PS. Re infiltrating the hospitality industry – combining food, drink and sustainability? Bring. It. On.

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