Another late night update…

8 Oct

Spent a large chunk of today talking to journalists. We’re hoping they’ll help us tell the project story through more traditional channels – like the newspaper (remember that papery thingy?)

In the meantime I wanted to do a quick little post on another photographer friend of mine – Katrin Koenning. I tried coaxing her over to India to document our project but she was just too busy with her work and is currently in London for an exhibition of her images. I think they’re fantastic shots, don’t you agree?


Image courtesy of Katrin Koenning

Image courtesy of Katrin Koenning


Katrin calls her series “Thirteen:Twenty Lacuna” and explains: “I came across this place in the (Melbourne) CBD where light reaches it directly for only twenty minutes a day, around lunchtime. During these few minutes a transformation happens – faces are illuminated, dust twirls through rays of sun, cigarette smoke becomes an almost glistening silver blue against dark buildings.

“It’s a ‘mis en scene’, a theatre stage on which people become my protagonists for an instant. Here, every minute detail counts … everything ordinary turns into something extraordinary, begging me to have my eyes wide open.”


Thirteen: twenty lacunae

Image courtesy of Katrin Koenning


If you’re in the United Kingdom perhaps you might like to drop in and to check out her work at the Front Room Gallery in Clerkenwell, London.

We’re always on the lookout for talented photographers, and we’d be particularly keen to work with an Indian professional – anyone have any contacts they’d like to share?

More on our Games product adventures soon…


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