Motu (Fatso) the Master Blaster

30 Sep

I was watching an amazing Indian film, Udaan, the other night. There’s a scene where the main character and his friends start singing a song ‘Motu Master‘ (The Fatso Master).

Apart from cracking me up, it reminded me of the 2000 Sydney Olympics renegade mascot – Fatso, the Fat-Arsed Wombat. Fatso was the creation of a Sydney cartoonist and two comedians, HG and Roy, as a protest against the over-commercialisation of the official Games mascots.

He turned into a bit of a hero (even the athletes loved him) and was immortalised in this statue outside the Sydney Olympic Stadium, commemorating the volunteers who worked during the Olympics.


Fatso's memorial statue in Sydney (image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

This, of course, lead me to think of a great little animation I saw a few years ago at an environmental conference – the Global Mind Shift Wombat. In under 60 seconds he’ll tell you all you need to know about sustainability…

How’s that for linking three completely random things together in one post.

I actually quite like Shera, the Delhi 2010 mascot – he highlights the plight of the threatened Bengal Tiger. But I wonder if he’d like some company for the Commonwealth Games?

Perhaps there’s room for a new mammal with a mission: an Australian eco-wombat, with an American accent and an Indian name – I give you…Motu the Master Blaster.

Now that’s what I call bringing nations together.


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