Making News, Not Waste…

28 Sep

Last week we managed to hook up with the Hindustan Times, one of India’s major daily newspapers. We’d been reading about an event they were organising in partnership with the Commonwealth Games organising committee – the Go India! Go for Gold! Campaign.

The idea was to ask members of the public to show their support for India’s athletes by high fiving fabric banners with paint in shopping centres around the city. The banners would then be displayed at a public rally at Connaught Place to rustle up a little more hype (of the positive kind) for the Games. Not really our cup of chai; novel idea nonetheless.

But what were they planning to do with dozens of banners after the event? We made it our mission to find out.

Many, many phone calls, redirections and hindi hold tunes later, we spoke to the event organisers. They liked our project idea and asked us along to the rally. Here’s what happened:

We turned up early on Sunday morning, looking a little bleary-eyed (it really was early)…

Go India! Go for Gold! Campaign

The wall of hands at the Go India! Go for Gold! Campaign rally, Sunday 19 Sept, 2010

…and so did a lot of media people…

media at Go India! Go for Gold! Campaign

Media gathering at Go India! Go for Gold! Campaign rally

…we’re talking lots of media people…

More media at the march

…as well as government representatives and the Chief of the Games Organising Committee…

Officials at the rally

Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit and Games Organising Committee Chief, Suresh Kalmadi

…and the sponsors (along with their employees).

Sponsors at the rally

So we got into the swing of things…

Adding our handprints at the rally

…and added our prints to a banner…

Christina adding handprint at the rally

Liz adding hand print at the rally

…and thought about what we might make if we got all the banner material. Perhaps a simple, drawstring bag like this…

Example bag at the rally

Rally supporter watching the event

…even Shera, the Commonwealth Games mascot, put in an appearance (although he was late. Possibly slept in. Smart tiger.)

Shera, Commonwealth Games mascot joins the rally

Shera, hangin' with his homies at the rally

Things were looking decidedly up(cycling) for our project idea…then this happened…

Rain hits the rally

Monsoon rain strikes the rally

…it rained for hours. All the banners were saturated. The paint was acrylic, so we knew it would run. Could we do an abstract line of Ken-Done-meets-Jackson-Pollack fashion wear? (I mean, the ’80s is rad again isn’t it?) Was it even worth getting the fabric? And (sigh) would the rain ever stop?

Stay tuned for more on our journey to make good things out of Games waste (rain or shine)…


3 Responses to “Making News, Not Waste…”

  1. Nic September 29, 2010 at 3:25 am #

    Hi Liz – really enjoying reading your blog. You certainly have a challenge on your hands, but as usual, you are approaching it with the right attitude and good amount of humour! Stay safe. Nic

    • Liz Franzmann September 30, 2010 at 10:20 am #

      Thanks Nic, I’m about to do some profiling of handmade in comparison to upcycling. Would love to have your thoughts on it – will be in touch soon.


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    […] Oct The journey continues. As mentioned, we were given an opportunity to salvage some waste heading for a landfill, after a Commonwealth […]

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