The Project Need…

11 Sep

Phew, it’s been a big week here in Delhi. So much is happening it’s been a challenge keeping up this blog! This is short post about one of the reasons this project came about.

So we’ve had a go at defining upcycling – it’s one part of a continuum of recycling. I personally like it because it’s about tapping into our creativity to make something better for people and the planet.

But what’s the need we’re addressing here?

Working at an Australian sustainability agency for four and a half years, I had the privilege of trying to understand environmental sustainability – the challenges and potential solutions – every day.

One of the issues I’ve been following for the last couple of years is the rise of plastic waste in our oceans. It’s been well documented and there are organisations and individuals trying to understand it; to figure out if we can fix this:

The Algalita Marine Research Foundation

The 5 Gyres Organisation

But it looks like it’s going to be big job to do it.

Below is a short American news clip, visually explaining what’s going on:

Waste is challenge for all of us around the world.

For example, how many times have we all taken a plastic shopping bag when we’ve bought something? (Although I’m trying not to, I know I certainly have.)

These plastics are not easily recycled and are often thrown away.

Do we really know where this waste is ending up?

Turns out, some of it’s going into our oceans and potentially our food.

And it’s gone global people.

(“Our plastic footprint is doing more harm than our carbon footprint…”

Captain Charles Moore, Agalita Marine Research Foundation)


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